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In Association with the Contemporary Art Society

Fools' Feast, by Xavier Solé Mora

Fools' Feast, by Xavier Solé Mora, was chosen as the winning entry in the 2017-18 Aspen Digital Art Award.

The artwork is inspired by Francisco Goya’s etching “Disparate de tontos” (Fools’ Folly) from the series “Los Disparates” (The Follies).

Fools' Feast presents a dream-like scene that invites the audience to be absorbed by the preposterous.

Watch the winning artwork above (expand the video and press F11 to view full screen) and find out more about the artist and the artwork here.

The Aspen Digital Art Award

Launched in 2013 by Aspen Insurance in association with the Contemporary Art Society, the Aspen Digital Art Award is the UK's award specifically for online art.

Aspen's involvement with the prize and with online art, a rapidly emerging field within contemporary art, represents Aspen's commitment to cutting-edge creative practice.

The award also reflects the Contemporary Art Society's mission to identify and support emerging artists in the UK and to provide a platform to showcase important new work for the benefit of audiences across the country.

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