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Last chance to see - Paul Wackers “Slow Wave” at Eleanor Harwood Gallery

Posted 01/06/2016

The final opportunity to visit Slow Wave, a solo exhibition by artist Paul Wackers, takes place at Eleanor Harwood Gallery in San Francisco. The exhibition explores the artist’s ongoing observations and research into his everyday surroundings. His paintings tend to be filled with objects from the artist’s imagination which is reflected in Hallucinatorium (2008) which is held within the Aspen Collection, San Francisco.

The exhibition takes place Eleanor Harwood Gallery in San Francisco until June 11th

Mark Dion at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery

Posted 11/03/2016

Tanya Bonakdar Gallery: 25 February-16 April

Artist Mark Dion will be holding a solo exhibition titled Library for the Birds of New York and Other Marvels at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery in New York. The upcoming exhibition will run from 25 February to 16 April 2016. Dion's Polar Bear series is currently held in Aspen's New York Collection.

Last chance to see - Taryn Simon at Gagosian Gallery in NY

Posted 07/03/2016

Gagosian Gallery: Closes 26 March

Gagosian Gallery is currently holding Taryn Simon’s exhibition Paperwork and the Will of Capital running until 26 March 2016.

Simon's research-driven approach has produced such impactful bodies of work as The Innocents (2002) and An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar (2007). In Paperwork and the Will of Capital, Simon examines accords, treaties, and decrees drafted to influence systems of governance and economics, from nuclear armament to oil deals and diamond trading. 

A storyteller whose grist is the instability of fact, Simon’s 12 unique sculptures were initially presented in the 56th Biennale di Venezia in 2015. The Gagosian Gallery now brings them together with 36 large-scale annotated photographs as a complete body of work for the first time. 

Last chance to see - Monica Ursina Jäger

Posted 10/12/2015

Christinger De Mayo, Zurich: closes 20 December

The  Christinger De Mayo gallery in Zurich presents a solo show by Swiss artist Monica Ursina Jäger in the exhibition Future Archaeologies - Your Asumptions Are My Memories. Jäger's work explores the relationship between humans, technology and the environment.

Open until 20 December 2015.

Within the Aspen Collection (Zurich) there are three ink on paper based works by Monica Ursina Jäger: Hideout 27, Overlook, and Shanty Town

Felipe Mujica at Christinger De Mayo

Posted 12/10/2015

Christinger De Mayo, Zurich: 10 October-7 November

Felipe Mujica has paired up with Herbert Weber to produce their latest exhibition Shadows Appeared on the Hanging Cloth which is on display at the Christinger De Mayo gallery in Zurich until the 7 November.

Aspen open doors

The Contemporary Art Society hosted an event for their members at our London office in February, with guided tours of the local collection. Look out for future events.


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