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Meteorologie No. 9 (Fantastical Blueprint For The Installation 'Crystal Cavern')
Medium: Gouache and graphite on a late 1800s French meteorology chart
Dimensions: 11 x 9 in
Year created: 2013
Location: New York
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Meteorologie No. 9 (Fantastical Blueprint For The Installation 'Crystal Cavern') Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels

Fels works with mundane expectations of space and subverts them into the unexpected and out-of-ordinary. She creates large-scale installations inspired by fantastical blueprint drawings that abstract and compress representations of family systems. Utilising geometry in ways akin to Sierpinski fractals or crystal structures, where larger wholes are made from smaller repeating components, Fels uses triangles as a process of mapping the thousands of genealogical connections that make up our beings. Both of these works are part of Fel’s Meteorologie Series which are blueprints of her installations designed on a French meteorology chart from the 1800s.


Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels

Fels is an Australian-American artist based in Brooklyn. She studied Social Psychology at Stanford University and is currently earning her MFA in Visual Arts from Columbia University. Her work has been presented in exhibitions with site-specific and permanent installations across the US and internationally.