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Reflections On History

The works in this collection explore aspects of cultural memory and the significance of recording and retelling history. The past is almost infinitely complex, and to grasp it we make stories that are inevitably subjective. Drawing on historical, literary and personal references, the artists here reconstruct their own versions of history, and in the process shed light on the way history itself is constructed over time.

Overview (after Turner)

Emily Allchurch

Ground control II

Mary Heilmann

Canoe Island

Peter Doig

Tempest (after Giorgione)

Emily Allchurch


Kate Davis

Arnolfini Falling Water

Eamon O'Kane

Country Rock

Peter Doig

Inside the Castle, 1970 (from Grimms Portfolio)

David Hockney

Celebration Confirmed

Kamrooz Aram

Island of the Blue Dolphins

Shay Kun

Almost Grown

Peter Doig

London Wall (after Turner)

Emily Allchurch