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A Place Called Home

Memory and nostalgia can help us to understand the present. Both are found in our domestic surroundings and here we explore home as a place of sanctuary and childhood memories; of family and friends who inspire the artists. These household comforts offer a quiet place for us to contemplate how the past has made us who we are today.

I (Mandarin: reads 'Mong'. In English means 'dream')

Joey Soh P.L

Haus Der Bilder

Peter Doig

Half a home (house)

Thomas Hylander

Wannelen, Sommer 2005 (cow)

Vanessa Puentener


Sinead Ni Mhaonaigh

Somewhere Downstream

Emilio Perez


Thomas Hylander

III (Mandarin: reads 'Mong'. In English means 'dream')

Joey Soh P.L

II (Mandarin: reads 'Mong'. In English means 'dream')

Joey Soh P.L

Christmas Eve, Taos

Ali Silverstein

On the Edge of the Night

Simon Keenleyside


Hope Gangloff

Black Teapot

Dave Miko

Apfel V

Karoline Schreiber

Urnerboden, Sommer 2005 (landscape),

Vanessa Puentener