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The Daily Round Up

The media has a powerful presence in our lives today, especially its representation of the world around us. Here the rich visuals of television and film and the language of advertising help us understand this cultural phenomenon – while the artists look with a detached gaze at fantasy worlds where the dreams and ideals we see are unattainable.

Value Coordinate #1 It's Sweet!

Fiona Rae

Celestial Radio (Day)

Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich

Celestial Radio (Night)

Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich

All Cats Are Grey at Night

Kenny Hunter

More Light, More Shadows

Kenny Hunter

8x10 (Grey Sky)

Anne Collier

Study (The Patriot+King Arthur+Conan the Barbarian)

Jim Gaylord

The End's Not Near It's Here 1/1 BAT

Glen Baldridge


David Opdyke

This Is Perfect

Steve Lambert

Plain Misconception

David Kramer

Taste and See

Hooper Turner

Brigade Dissolve

Jim Gaylord

Italics Mine

Joe Amrhein

Untitled (Hogg)

Sam Pulitzer