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The Secret Garden

Throughout time gardens have been symbolic – created as expressions of beauty and personal taste or emblems of civilisation. Here the garden represents a space for the imagination to roam free, where we can explore new places, follow paths or gaze at reflections in water. These intimate works invite us to step into the secret garden for some quiet contemplation.

Botanischer Garten im Winter I

Caro Niederer

Sleep (path)

Catherine Yass

Bigger Cedar #29

Louise Belcourt

Hedgeland Painting #9

Louise Belcourt

Trebol Time

Gabriel Orozco

Almond Blossom, After Van Gogh

Vik Muniz

My Own Private Walden

Rowena Dring


Myriam Aline Loepfe


Christian Helmle

Tune In

Alejandra Beyeler


Alejandra Beyeler


Myriam Aline Loepfe