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The Long View

The works in this collection capture the immense tradition of landscape painting in art through a contemporary lens.  Landscape painting has historically bestowed an idealised representation of the natural world. However in The Long View the artists’ vision is the driving force – places, memories and dreams are woven together in a way that captures the raw emotive experience of the landscape and its power to deeply influence the human spirit.


Anri Sala

Holy Island, Isle of Arran

Craigie Aitchison 

Lower Lough

Elizabeth Magill

Deer Park Clearing

Elizabeth Magill

Sky Reflected in Sea, Iceland

Nan Goldin

Snow Tracks

Michael Schall

Icelandic Clouds

Ati Maier

Time From One Star To Another

Ati Maier

Tornado Cloud, Brown Region

Ali Silverstein

Night Scape

Yeo Shih Yun


Raphael Egli

Fairy Light in Cherry Blossom NY

Nan Goldin

Sunset like Hair, Sete, France

Nan Goldin

Cold Climate

Kate Bright


Seth Dickerman