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Brigade Dissolve
Medium: Gouache on paper
Dimensions: 67 x 102 cm, plus frame
Year created: 2011
Location: New Jersey
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Brigade Dissolve Jim Gaylord

Jim collects stills from big budget action movies, freezing individual scenes and digitally superimposing them together. The end result provides the source for his oil paintings and water colours. Jim distils dramatic conflicts and suspends high-speed sequences in time, giving them an abstract quality. Here he takes stills from The Alamo, Legends of the Fall and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.


Jim Gaylord

Jim studied Fine Art at Berkeley and Film at the University of North Carolina. He received the Joan Mitchell Foundation MFA Grant in 2005 and was a Fellow in Painting for the New York Foundation for the Arts in 2008. He lives and works in New York.