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Celebration Confirmed
Medium: Oil and Collage on Canvas
Dimensions: 183x213 cm
Year created: 2008
Location: New York
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Celebration Confirmed Kamrooz Aram

Aram brings together patterns derived from eastern spiritual texts, fairground balloons, flowers and American eagles. His work explores national, religious and ideological systems of belief, and here he invites us to look for the deeper meanings of their symbols and iconography. The symmetry of the composition resembles flag design as well as geometric abstraction. Aram is exploring artistic movements as belief systems synonymous with religion and nationalism.


Kamrooz Aram

Kamrooz studied fine art at Columbia University in 2003 and has since exhibited at LAXART, Los Angeles, and Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. His work has also featured in publications such as Art in America, The New York Times and The Village Voice. Aram lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.