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Italics Mine
Medium: Enamel on mylar with linen tape
Dimensions: 117 x 36 cm
Year created: 2011
Location: New Jersey
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Italics Mine Joe Amrhein

Joe sifts through critical art writing texts to select the hyperboles and key phrases that seem ridiculous when taken out of context. He then uses these to bring language back into the art making process in an abstract form. Joe explores how language can replace the art that it describes by substituting something concrete with abstract language. His style draws on his background as a sign painter – here is uses mylar, a form of polyester film that allows him to create a sense of density, fracturing and shadows.


Joe Amrhein

Joe is based in Brooklyn, New York, where he owns the Pierogi Gallery. He has had numerous solo exhibitions around the world and is represented by Jochen Hempel Gallery in Leipzig.