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Norway, H
Medium: Chinese ink on paper
Dimensions: 76 x 56cm
Year created: 2009
Location: Singapore
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Norway, H Yeo Shih Yun

This series of abstract drawings is based on Yeo’s residency in Norway where she captures the fleeting moment that exists between chaos and order. She recreates vast Scandinavian skies and landscapes using traditional ink drawing and delicate lines. Her work is photorealistic and intends to show the passing of time as a metaphor for our own existence.


Yeo Shih Yun

Born in Singapore 1976, Shih Yun is a full-time artist and Director of INSTINC, an independent artist-run space. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration(Marketing) from National University of Singapore, Diploma in Communications Design from Lasalle College of the Arts and Post- Baccalaureate (Painting) from San Francisco Art Institute in 2002.